Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Surprise Birthday Party

I am always so impressed by people who are able to pull off surprises - of any sort - successfully. Most of all, a surprise birthday party for one's wife! John asked me to do the flowers for his wife's surprise birthday party on Sunday and it went off without a hitch.

John was so flexible and pretty much left me to my own devices, as he only had two requests: could I please use his wife's favorite flower, Bird of Paradise, and could I please use a lot of balloons - and he meant a TON of balloons!

To ensure that the Birds of Paradise were the focus and that they didn't get lost among other flowers or colors, I picked a palette of orange, green, and yellow - Bird of Paradise, Voodoo and Orange Unique Roses, solidago, button green Athos, and green cymbidium orchids - with a touch of white with hydrangea and snapdragon.

I also provided balloons galore in the same colors: orange, gold, silver, and green.

Personally, as you can imagine, I always think that flowers make the happiest of birthdays!

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