Minggu, 15 April 2012

Sprightly Spring

Hello! Happy Spring! The trees are leafing out all over and the daffodils are just about finished. It's a marvelous time of the year for all flowers - both outside and the ones I gather to arrange. The markets just seem to be teeming with variety right now.

A week ago today I provided the flowers for a client's Easter lunch. I selected vibrant corals, lime greens, yellows, creams, and a touch of purple all arranged in mossed containers and lined down her long dining room table amid silver candelabras and birds. For the children's table, I added three mossed bunnies with bows for a bit of whimsy - something, I think, appreciated by both young and old!

Flowers pictured include: white hydrangea, green hydrangea, larkspur, cymbidium orchids, bells of Ireland, ranunculus, concador lilies, amazon roses, versilia roses, viburnum, trick dianthus, boronia, quince, Israeli ruscus, and bear grass.

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